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Customise your communication platform using our powerful plugins. Below is a selection of some of our popular plugins. Visit the Bundeling Marketplace and explore our in-house developed plugins and integrations with partners to streamline communication within your organisation.


Our API enables you to retrieve and send data to and from your Bundeling platform by building your own integration. It allows Bundeling to communicate with your preferred system.

Technical knowledge is required to use our API


Bundeling’s most popular plugin. Use this drag & drop tool to easily set up your own Bundeling platform. Create new (sub)menus, integrate websites, add files and control who gets to see what.

Learn more about using the AppCMS plugin in the AppCMS article.

Bulletin board

The good old-fashioned bulletin board got a new look! A multi-purpose tool that allows users to publish messages themselves. Customers use this tool as a supply and demand platform or as a social channel.

Learn more about using the bulletin board plugin in the Bulletin board article.


Use all Bundeling features as you would in the app, but through the browser on your desktop or laptop.

Learn more about using the webversion in the Bundeling For Web article.


Generate e-tickets in Bundeling and use the ticket scanner to validate tickets.

Learn more about using the e-tickets plugin in the E-tickets article.


Easily create forms and add them to the main menu, news items or activities.

Learn more about using the forms plugin in the Forms article.

Group chats

Create chat groups and determine who has access to which group. Share files on both individual and group level.

Learn more about using the group chats plugin in the Group chats article.


Poll your users with quick questions to get them even more involved in the community.

Learn more about using the polls plugin in the Polls article.

Social share

Turn your users into ambassadors and allow sharing of news items on social media. Think, for example, of the maximum reach of important information.


Add matches to your Bundeling platform and activate your sports community. With registration options, live scores and other fun elements.

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