Poll the opinion of your users easily and anonymously with our polls plugin

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Polls explained

What are the possibilities with the polls plugin?

Engage users even more with the organisation by using our polls plugin. Polls make it possible to quickly survey interest on certain topics and can be a useful tool to gain insight into the needs and wishes of your users. By setting up polls, they can quickly and anonymously give their opinions. This way, the feature can help improve involvement of users.

Don’t use polls yet, but want us to plug it in? Send us a message.

Creating polls

How do I create a new poll?

New polls can be created in the Dashboard. It's not possible for users to create their own polls in the (web) app. Set up a poll and see the results after your users voted.

  • Navigate to the Polls overview in the Dashboard.

  • Click the Add button at the top of the screen.

  • Upload an Image to add a header image to the poll if desired.

  • Add a Title and Question/statement you want to poll your users about.

  • Set up the voting period by adding a Start date and End date.

  • Enter the available Choices users can vote for in the poll.

  • Complete any other settings you would like to change.

  • Enable Push notification on start date if you want to send a push notification.

  • Click Save to save changes.

Only want to poll a select group of users and restrict the visibility of the poll? You can do so by adding labels. Learn more about the use of labels in the Labels article.

Can I edit an active poll that has already started?

Polls can be edited at any time, even if the poll has already started. To avoid confusion and to make sure the voting results aren't compromised, we advise against changing too much when a poll is already active. You can edit an existing poll in the Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Polls overview in the Dashboard.

  • Edit the poll by clicking the button with the edit icon.

  • Edit the fields with the desired information

  • Click Save to save changes.

Manage poll results

Where can I see the voting results of my poll?

Voting results of polls are anonymous. In the poll results, each choice displays the amount of votes it received and a percentage of the votes to reflect the popularity of each choice. You can see a real-time status of the voting results in the Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Polls overview in the Dashboard.

  • Click the Poll you want to view.

The current voting results will appear on your screen. App users will immediately be able to see the current status of voting after they voted themselves in the (web) app.

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