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Create an interactive environment for users to share content with our bulletin board plugin

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Bulletin board explained

What are the possibilities with the bulletin board plugin?

Our bulletin board plugin can be used to create an interactive environment in which users can post messages, photos and comments themselves. The bulletin board provides a quick and accesible way to share content in the (web) app. This plugin increases engagement in the organisation and between the users in your Bundeling app.

Don’t have a bulletin board yet, but want us to plug it in? Send us a message.

Who can publish items on the bulletin board?

Managers can publish bulletin board items in the Dashboard. Additionally, everyone that uses the app can also create items within the (web) app and publish these on the bulletin board.

It is also possible to restrict the publication of bulletin board items solely to the Dashboard. If you want to use this feature for your organisation, you can send us a message.

Creating bulletin board items

How do I create a new bulletin board item?

Bulletin board items can be created in the Dashboard and the (web) app. Users can share content and images with the organisation by creating bulletin board items in the (web) app:

  • Navigate to the Bulletin board in the (web) app.

  • Tap or click the + icon in the top bar.

  • Select the Category of your choice.

  • Add a Title and Description.

  • Add a Link (optional) to an external website that you want to refer to.

  • Enter the Expiration date of this item. The item will be removed from the bulletin board after set date and time.

  • Share images with the item by uploading one or more Pictures.

  • Tap or click the Save button to save changes and publish the item.

When a bulletin board is actively used it might be easy to lose track of the items you published. Tap or click the toggle icon in the top bar to display the items you posted in the bulletin board.

Managers can create bulletin board items in the bulletin board overview in the Dashboard. When adding the item, an author can be chosen to publish it in the name of a user in the community. 

How do I create categories for the bulletin board?

Creating custom categories for the bulletin board can inspire users to publish relevant content. Manage the categories users can choose in the settings of the Dashboard:

  • Navigate to Settings > General in the Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the Categories tab.

  • Click the + button to add a new category.

  • Add a name and icon.

  • Click Save to save changes.

Only want a select group of users to be able to publish and view bulletin board items in a certain category? You can do so by adding labels to the category. Read more about labels in the Labels article.

Bulletin board interaction

How can I respond to a bulletin board item?

Users can interact with bulletin board items by using its interactive features. Interacting with an item can be done by directly responding to the author, liking or sharing the item, and leaving a comment in the comments section.

  • Navigate to the Bulletin board in the (web) app.

  • Open the bulletin board item you want to interact with.

  • Tap or click the like button to leave a quick reaction.

  • Tap or click Respond to reply directly to the author with a private chat message or Leave a comment in the comment section.

To share a bulletin board item externally tap or click the Share button and select the preferred channel to share the item on.

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