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Creating and managing chats with our group chats plugin

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What are the possibilities with the group chats plugin?

Our chat plugin makes it possible to create group chats and connect groups of users to each other in chat conversations.

How do I create a new group chat?

Group chats can be created in the Dashboard by using labels. Connecting a label to a group chat adds all users with access to that label's content as participants to the group chat. It's not possible for users to create their own group chats in the (web) app.

  • Navigate to the Chat overview in the Dashboard.

  • Click the Add button at the top of the screen.

  • Add a Name and Picture (optional) to recognise the group chat.

  • Add a label to the Labels field.

  • Click Save to save changes.

All users who have the label connected to their profile get access to the chat. Learn more about the use of labels in the Labels article.

Is there a maximum amount of group chats?

There is no maximum amount of group chats. It is recommended to limit the amount of group chats to maintain an overview. A large amount of group chats can increase the chance of miscommunication.

Learn more about sending chat messages in the (web) app in the Chats and messages article.

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