Generate e-tickets for events and use the ticket scanner

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E-tickets explained

What are the possibilities with the e-tickets plugin?

Generate and validate e-tickets for events and matches by using our e-tickets plugin. Our e-tickets plugin makes it possible to enable tickets for attendance registration of an event or match. Users can easily access their tickets in the app and share them with their guests. The convenient in-app ticket scanner can be used during the event to validate e-tickets at the entrance.

Don't use e-tickets yet, but want us to plug it in? Send us a message.

Manage e-tickets

How can I make e-tickets available for an event or match?

E-tickets can be enabled for events and matches. In the Dashboard you can manage for which events tickets should be provided to visitors:

  • Navigate to the Activies or Matches overview in the Dashboard.

  • Add or Edit the event or match.

  • Scroll down to Attendance.

  • Check the box Tickets enabled.

When users register their attendance for this event or match, e-tickets are provided for the visitor and any possible guests the user registered. Users can view and download all e-tickets for upcoming events in the My tickets overview in the (web) app.

Where can I manage the e-tickets that are connected to the user's registration?

When you organise an event or match you may want to update or download the tickets that are connected to a user's registration. You can manage e-tickets in the Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Activies or Matches overview in the Dashboard.

  • Click the Activity or Match.

  • Scroll down to Visitors to see an overview of all registered users.

  • Click the green QR code button to open the Edit tickets pop-up for a user.

In this pop-up you can view and download the e-tickets connected to the user's registration and edit the amount of tickets shared with the user by deleting or adding more tickets.

Can I manage which users have access to the e-ticket scanner in the app?

With the in-app ticket scanner you can validate e-tickets at the entrance during an event. The ticket scanner is only available for users with access to the scanner. This access is determined based on labels: all users with access to that label's content can use the ticket scanner in the app. Labels that scan tickets can be set up in the settings of the Dashboard:

  • Navigate to Settings > General in the Dashboard.

  • Scroll down to Labels that can scan tickets.

  • Add a label to the Labels field.

  • Click Save to save changes.

All users who have the label connected to their profile get access to the ticket scanner by navigating to Scan tickets in the mobile app. Learn more about the use of labels in the Labels article.

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