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Using our AppCMS plugin to set up your menu and share information

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AppCMS explained

What is the AppCMS?

With the AppCMS (App Content Management System) you determine the structure of your Bundeling platform yourself. This way you can easily set up the menu and add all relevant information that you want to share with your users. By combining the AppCMS with our label functionality you create a clear and personally bundled menu for everyone. In other words: users only get to see the options that are of interest to them!

Learn more about the different available types you can add in the AppCMS in the AppCMS types article.

Can I restrict the visibility of items in the AppCMS?

By default are all menu items visible to everyone. For all items that were manually added to the menu you can restrict the visibility for users by using the label functionality.

Learn more about restricting visibility in the Labels article.

How can I hide a menu item (temporarily) for users?

You can hide menu items from the menu with the AppCMS functionality. If you want to (temporarily) hide an item, but don’t want to delete it you can use the eye icon to change the visibility of the item in the (web) app.

  • Navigate to AppCMS in the Dashboard.

  • Click the eye for the menu item you want to hide. The eye icon changes to an inactive state. You can make the item visible again by clicking on the eye icon again.

  • Click Publish to save changes.

How can I add a new submenu?

You can organise your own menu by adding submenus to the main menu with the AppCMS functionality. This way you can structurise your (web) app so your users always know where to find the information they need.

  • Navigate to AppCMS in the Dashboard.

  • Click and drag New menu to the desired position in the menu layout.

You can also drag the menu item slightly to the right, creating a sub-folder in one of the submenus.

  • Edit the name or icon if desired.

  • Click Publish to save changes.

What is the inappbrowser?

With the inappbrowser you can load a webpage directly into the app. This allows you to share a webpage, but let’s your users stay in the app.

The inappbrowser is only functional for web pages that support being loaded into an iframe.

Sharing files in AppCMS

What is the maximum size for shared files in the AppCMS?

The maximum file size for files in the AppCMS is 100 MB. For larger files (such as photo albums or video’s) we recommend that you save them externally and make them accessible via a link in the AppCMS, to manage the size of your app. This way you can still keep all information bundled in one place.

Can I edit a published document in the AppCMS?

It is not possible to directly edit a document in the AppCMS. You can download the document, edit it and replace the existing file. You can, however, edit a page.

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