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All available types in the AppCMS explained

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At the moment you can supplement the menu with no fewer than seven different types of items. Label each item you add so users only see the information intended for them. Want to pour your personal sauce over your platform? Then use personal titles for your items.


You can easily add your own submenu to your platform with this function. For example, a heading 'Documents' where you distinguish between 'Marketing', 'Administration' or 'Management'. This tool makes it easy to clearly organise your app: users only see the menu headings that are relevant. Infinitely long menus are therefore a thing of the past! Choose names for the submenus that suit your organisation: that makes your platform personal.


With the 'files' type you can easily publish documents, videos or images in your menus. Share it with everyone or label it so only certain users can see the files. With this you can easily create your own (social) intranet.


This creates a kind of web page, but only for your platform. For example, share the mission and vision of the organisation or share information about the latest campaign. With an editor you can design your page completely the way you want it. Prefer to share only with a certain group? You can also easily distinguish with this tool.


With the inappbrowser you can connect websites with iFrame support to your platform without users having to leave the app. For example, do you have a website with weekly offers? Then you can simply add it to the Bundeling app via the inappbrowser. Then you can be sure that everyone is always informed. Simple as that.


Do you want to connect websites without iFrame support to your platform? Then use Link: this tool opens web pages with the default browser instead of in the app itself. There is a smart solution for everything!

Internal link

In the Bundeling app, you redirect with an internal link in one click to people, departments, activities or forms that you have created with Bundeling. For example, have you used the forms function for an employee satisfaction survey? Then you can put it directly in your menu, so that everyone can see it. Do you want to highlight a number of people, such as emergency response officers? Even then you use the internal link.

App link

With the app link you can easily and directly link to third party apps that support to be opened via other apps. For example, you can easily open the LinkedIn app via the Bundeling app: that saves a lot of searching.

SSO link

With the SSO (Single Sign-On) link, your login credentials for the specified URL are stored, allowing you to effortlessly access it from Bundeling. This provides a seamless experience for the user by eliminating the need to log in multiple times for different services.

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