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Dashboard access and permissions

Grant users access to the Dashboard and set up permissions

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How can I grant a user access to the Dashboard?

Managers have full access to the Dashboard and all features needed to manage the platform. App users only have access to the (web) app. If you want to grant a user access to the Dashboard, you can change the user role in their account.

  • Navigate to the Users overview in the Dashboard.

  • Edit the user profile.

  • Open User role dropdown and select the correct user role.

  • Click Save to save the user profile without sending an invite.

This user can login to the Dashboard with their username and password.

Learn more about creating user accounts in the Manage user accounts article.

How many users can manage the platform?

There is no limit to the amount of managers in the platform. It is recommended to limit the number of managers in order to maintain an overview. Do you need more users to manage the platform, but still want to mantain an overview by restricting the permissions for certain managers? This is possible with our group manager plugin.

Can app users publish items in the app?

App users can publish content in the bulletinboard and the chat. Bulletinboard and group chats are additional plugins. Interested in these plugins and want to learn more about the possibilities to engage your community even more? Send us a message or learn more in the Bulletin board and the Group chats articles.

Does a user still have access to content in the app after their account is deleted?

If a user’s account is deleted, this user will no longer have access to the app and the data that has been communicated before.

Is it possible to restrict permissions of certain managers of the platform?

Yes, this is possible. We offer an additional plugin to add group managers. Group managers can only post and view content in the dashboard for certain labels.

We also have the possibility to add new user roles with restricted permissions. Send us a message if you want us to create a new user role.

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