Inform your stakeholders by creating news items with our news feature

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News explained

What are the possibilities with the news feature?

Inform and reach your users by creating news items. In news items you can share all actual information and get your user's attention by sending push notifications. You can also create interaction between users with the comment feature.

Enhance your content by sharing files, including links and embedding YouTube videos. Learn more about sharing files in news items in the Sharing files, links and videos article.

Creating news items

How do I create a new news item?

News items can be created in the Dashboard. Set up a news item and add all information you would like to share:

  • Navigate to the News overview in the Dashboard.

  • Click the Add button at the top of the screen.

  • Add a Title and Publication date.

  • Add textual and visual content of the news message in the Content field.

  • Complete any settings you would like to change.

  • Enable News item push notification to all users on publication date if you want to send a push notification.

  • Click Save as draft or Plan to save changes.

Only want to share the news item with a select group of users? You can do so by adding labels. Learn more about labels in the Labels article.

How long are news items visible in the app?

By default news items are visible in the app for 365 days after publication date. You can check or edit the amount of days news items are visible in the app in the settings:

  • Navigate to Settings > General in the Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the General tab.

  • Edit News availability in days to the desired number of days.

  • Click Save to save changes.

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