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Sharing files, links and videos
Sharing files, links and videos

Enhance your content by sharing files, including links and embedding YouTube videos

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How can I link from an item to other items in the app?

In some situations it will be useful to publish links to other items in the app to make it easier for the user to access that information directly in one click. This can be done via an internal link. Internal links can be added in news items, activities, matches, polls and the AppCMS. You can add an internal link in news items by following the next steps:

  • Navigate to the News overview in the Dashboard.

  • Add or Edit a news item.

  • Scroll down to Add internal links.

  • Click Add internal links to add a link to another item in the app.

  • Select type of item.

  • Select item to link.

  • Type a title for the item.

You can use internal links to link to users, sponsors, news items, events or items in the AppCMS.

Can I add files to a news item or activity?

It's possible to add images, files or videos to a news item or activity. This functionality allows the sharing of files that are directly relevant to the item and makes it possible to provide more information.

  • Navigate to the News or Activities overview in the Dashboard.

  • Add or Edit the news item or activity.

  • Scroll down to Files and click the Upload button.

  • Select one or more files and add.

Files can also be shared directly in the menu or a submenu of the app by using the AppCMS. Learn more about using the AppCMS in the AppCMS article.

The maximum file size for files in news items and activities is 100 MB.

How can I embed a YouTube video in an item?

Embedding YouTube videos directly into the content is possible for news items, events and pages in the AppCMS.

  • Navigate to the News, Activities or AppCMS overview in the Dashboard.

  • Add or Edit the news item, activity or page.

  • Scroll down to the text editor and click the YouTube icon.

  • Add the URL of the video you want to embed.

  • Click Insert to embed the YouTube video in the content.

Embedding YouTube Shorts can be done by making a slight change to the URL of the YouTube video:

  • Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube Short you want to share.

  • Replace /shorts/ with /embed/ in the URL.

The YouTube video I embedded is not functional. How can I solve this?

If the YouTube video can not be opened in the app, this may be caused by sharing or privacy settings of the video on YouTube. Check the settings of the video to make sure the video can be shared.

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