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Troubleshoot issues
Troubleshoot issues

Need any help with the app or the dashboard?

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Who should I contact if I experience issues with the app?

Do you experience any issues with the Bundeling platform? Please contact the community manager of your (web) app. This is someone from your own organisation. If the community manager doesn’t have a solution, the manager can contact us by sending a message.

Where can I report a bug or issue?

If you encounter any issues with Bundeling, such as a broken feature or technical problem, we recommend first trying to update the app. If the problem persists after updating, you can report this to one of the community managers of your platform. They can contact us by sending a message through the support chat.

When reporting the issue to our Support & Success team, make sure to provide as much detail as possible. Include information such as the type of device you're using, the steps you took before encountering the problem, and consider adding a screenshot. This information may help us to identify and resolve the issue.

Learn more about updating the mobile app and installing the app on your device in the Setting up the mobile app article.

I forgot my password. How can I request a new password?

Sorry you lost your password! If you want to reset your password and request a new one, you can easily do so by following the steps below:

  • Tap or click Request new password in the login screen of the application.

  • Enter the Email address that is connected to the profile.

  • An email to reset the password is sent to the email address.

  • Tap or click the link in the email to reset the password.

Troubleshoot issues in the app

I don't receive notifications on my mobile device. How can I solve this?

To be able to receive notifications from the app, notification settings need to be enabled in the app and in the phone settings. You can change notification settings in the app by following these steps:

  • Open the app on your mobile device.

  • Tap or click the settings icon at the bottom of the menu to open the Settings.

  • Scroll down to Notifications.

  • Turn on/off the desired Push notifications.

Battery optimisation or power saving mode settings can cause your phone to force close apps in the background and block notifications. You can check the following settings in the device settings to make sure you stay up-to-date and in the loop:

  • Battery optimisation needs to be turned off for the Bundeling app.

  • Notifications need to be turned on for the Bundeling app.

  • Battery saving mode needs to be turned off for the device.

Troubleshoot issues on desktop

How can I clear the cache of my browser?

If you encounter any issues in the web app or Dashboard, it may be caused by information saved in the cache or the cookies of the browser. Clearing the cache of your browser can resolve general performance issues and is therefore a good first step for troubleshooting issues on a desktop.

For each browser there are different steps to take to clear the cache and/or cookies: each browser provides instructions on how to clear browser data on its support website. The following steps are general steps that can be taken for most browsers.

  • Open the Settings of the browser you're using.

  • Navigate to the privacy settings of the browser.

  • You can select which browser or website data you want to remove.

Clearing all browser data can erase your history, settings and login credentials. You may be logged out of websites and need to sign in again. Be mindful when choosing which browser data to erase.

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