Develop your own integration or plug-in for Bundeling

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Request an API-key

With an API-key, you gain access to the Bundeling API. This enables you to exchange data with various platforms such as AFAS, King Sport, Tymes4, and Zapier.

To request an API-key, click on the text below. Make sure to fill out the ticket as completely as possible before sending it. You can also send a message to [email protected] if you want to learn more about our API in advance.


We will contact you and send the API-key to you as soon as possible in a One Time Secret. With this key, you are ready to start developing your API integration.

If an external developer is creating the connection for you, they also need to receive an API-key. You must request this yourself and provide it to the external developer. Therefore, an API-key is always tied to your company and cannot be requested by third parties.

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