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Replacement variables in URLs
Replacement variables in URLs

Share data with external platforms by using replacement variables in URLs

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Bundeling supports the use of replacement variables in URLs, to share and use data from the Bundeling platform in external platforms. Replacement variables can be used to replace a variable in a URL with data from the logged in user. Data that can be shared is based on a whitelist and variables are only replaced in trusted domains.

How can I add trusted domains for replacement variables?

For data safety purposes, variables will only be replaced in URLs that are included in trusted domains. You can add trusted domains in the Dashboard:

  • Navigate to Settings > General in the Dashboard.

  • Navigate to the General tab.

  • Add the domain to Trusted domains for replacement variables (one per line).

  • Click Save to save changes.

How can I use replacement variables?

Replacement variables are supported in the following features:

  • News items: in the Content and the More information link (URL).

  • Activities: in the Description.

  • AppCMS: in a Link, an Inappbrowser or a Page.

A replacement variable can be added to a URL in one of the supported components. The URL can be added to the Link field or by inserting a Link in the content. When a user views or clicks the URL in the (web) app the variable is replaced by data from his user profile or from the company or department profile the user is connected to. If the domain is not trusted or the variable is incorrect, the data is replaced with the value INVALID.

Which variables can I add to URLs?

Data that can be shared is based on a whitelist. The following variables for user profile fields are included on the whitelist and can be used as replacement variables:















Or you can use variables for profile fields of the company or department profile the user is connected to:


Example of using a replacement variable in a URL:

Example of the URL above with the replaced variable:

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